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Swanage Jazz Festival – Mike Outram Organ Trio, Compassionate Dictatorship

I’ll be sure to try and see these bands again after listening to them this year. They were both really very good, and loud.

The venue was the Mowlam theatre – a very odd 60s concrete building plonked on Swanage seafront – or rather the community room of the theatre. A pretty surreal venue but good for me as I got to stand at the front, enjoy the music, and try to get a few reasonable shots.

The Mike Outram Organ Trio…
Mike Outram Organ Trio

Ross Stanley, organist.
Ross Stanley - Mike Outram Organ Trio

And Jez Franks (top) and Jasper Holby (bottom) of Compassionate Dictactorship…
Jez Franks - Compassionate Dictatorship

Jasper Holby - Compassionate Dictatorship

You can find out more from their websites

Swanage Jazz Festival – Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band

I was down in Dorset a week or so ago for the Swanage Jazz Festival. It’s a pretty small affair and well worth a visit. A lot of the bands are very much either trad or New Orleans, which is not really my thing but there’s always some modern bands booked as well and they’ll play in small venues.

As a result of not being able to read the schedule properly I ended up, mid-afternoon, in the Conservative Club watching the Excelsior Vintage Jazz band (see above). I got a front row seat and I could enjoy the decor, which probably goes back to the late 70s.

Ray Goold – bassist
Ray Goold - Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band

Dave Evans – drums
Dave Evans - Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band