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Modernist architecture in Tbilisi

Some photographs from Tbilisi – September 2013. Legendary modernist architecture.

The former Ministry of Highways building – now the headquarters of the Bank of Georgia (since 2011). If only I could have got there a couple of years before I would have seen it derelict. Have a look here for an excellent post on the improbable frontiers blog. This was an absolute nightmare to find and the taxi driver dropped me to the front of the building where I was quizzed by security staff. They ended up letting me take a few shots but only after some negotiation and even then only from outside of the perimeter (unfortunately a motorway).

Bank of Georgia HQ - Tbilisi

The Palace of Weddings

Palace of Weddings - Tbilisi

This was built by the Soviets for ceremonies, but then bought and used as a private mansion by reclusive oligarch Badri Patarkatsishvili until his death in 2008. While this was a pain to find, you can get right up to it. I did want to scale that fence and have a proper look but my nerves got the better of me.

Palace of Weddings - Tbilisi


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